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Odlum & Garner produce a range of educational books for students and teachers, plus Create-a-Calendar.

Create-a-Calendar is ideal for all ages. Create-a-Calendar 2022 will be available in August-September 2021.
Released around August-September each year, this calendar makes great presents for family and friends.
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To order calendars, complete the Order Form, then save & email a copy to us.
This calendar is especially great for infants/primary school students to learn about calendars and to display their artwork.

Our secondary school range for 2020 and beyond includes:

  * STRIVE Biology Past HSC Q & A
* STRIVE Chemistry Past
* STRIVE Physics Past HSC Q & A
* Understanding Science for Years 7 & 8
* Understanding Science for Years 9 & 10
* Science Tests for Year 10 Revision

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Note: For revision purposes, our previous 2018 editions of Past HSC Papers with Worked Solutions
are still available for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth & Environmental Science
(for the previous HSC syllabuses) ... click on here for a 2018 Order Form.

Top students and Science teachers use and recommend Odlum & Garner books. These books are produced by Science teachers for Science teachers and their students.

Research has shown that student performance is improved through studying via tests, compared to traditional study methods – described as the 'testing effect'. Odlum & Garner seeks to help students learn through providing question-based books, through which students can test themselves as part of their study. We seek to provide accurate answers to all questions that are an appropriate length. This allows students to check their work, understand the correct answers to each question and improve their exam technique.

Odlum & Garner books are available direct OR from educational booksellers.