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2017 is a great time to make sure that we are teaching our Science students about sustainable ways of using Earth's resources. So it is about energy efficiency, sustainable energy sources and use, sustainable development and the protection of global climate. Schools should also be looking at how they can employ sustainable management of resources and facilities in their everyday operations.

* 2017 National Science Week runs from 13–21 August: – the school theme is Future Earth.
Launched in 2015, this theme is part of a major 10-year international initiative to advance global sustainability science.
In brief, the eight key challenges of Future Earth’s 2025 vision are to:
• deliver water, energy, and food for all
• decarbonise socio-economic systems to stabilise the climate
• safeguard the terrestrial, freshwater and marine natural assets underpinning human well-being
• build healthy, resilient and productive cities
• promote sustainable rural futures
• improve human health
• encourage sustainable consumption and production patterns
• increase social resilience to future threats.
The National Science Week website at: will soon be listing many scientific displays, events, debates and a myriad of science shows for National Science Week, targeting children to adults, science amateurs to professionals.

The 2017 National Science Week teacher resource book will focus on Australia’s sustainability science and will highlight those issues that are unique to Australia and its region.

Plan to participate in this annual event, so that your students can enjoy and explore the wonders and benefits of Science. Why not celebrate 2017 National Science Week by going on a Science excursion?

For example, you could go on a Beyond the Thrills fun park excursion to Luna Park Sydney on 11, 14 or 18 August 2017.



STOP PRESS: * 2018 NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK - this will run from 11–19 August: – the school theme will be Game Changers and Change Makers.

* 2017 is also the UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IY2017).
There are now more than one billion international tourists travelling the world each year. Tourism has become a powerful and transformative force that is making a genuine difference in the lives of millions of people.
The potential of tourism for sustainable development is considerable. As one of the world’s leading employment sectors, tourism provides important livelihood opportunities, helping to alleviate poverty and drive inclusive development.

The IY2017 will promote tourism’s role in the following five key areas:
• Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
• Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction
• Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change
• Cultural values, diversity and heritage
• Mutual understanding, peace and security.
These initiatives are appropriate given that 2014–2024 is also the UN Decade of Sustainable Energy for All, in an effort to make sustainable energy for all a reality.

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